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Our Competitors and Free Web Hosting

We will grant you twice your remaining time with our competitors for free, in order to make it easier for you to switch your web hosting from our competitors to us and to ensure that you do not regret not using your prepaid period elsewhere. Now we can also automatically transfer your website and e-mails.

In order to take advantage of this offer, please provide the required data in the web hosting order and enclose proof of a previous web hosting with a competitor.


You have a prepaid web hosting with XY until 9. 9. 2019. On February 15, 2019, you payed for our web hosting (for 1 year). Such a web hosting would be valid until February 15, 2020. If you had 207 days left with the competitor, we would extend your web hosting by 414 days for free, ie. the date of its validity would be until 4. 4. 2021.

The Conditions of the Free Period

  • it must be a paid web hosting for the same level 2 domain
  • when ordering a web hosting, the customer must truly state which competing company they used and what web hosting program they used
  • the customer must attach a document (invoice) of the web hosting order, proving the existence of the web hosting service with the competitor, with which the date of the end of the prepaid period can also be proven
  • it is necessary to pay an annual fee for web hosting
  • the number of days of the remaining prepaid period for competitors is calculated from the date of payment of the order with us
  • the maximum free period is 2 years
  • the entitlement to this offer is decided by the Operator, who is entitled to reject the claim in case of doubt or irregularities

Domains and web hostings can be transferred to WEDOS without any downtime or hassle.

You can also enjoy the advantage of our automatic website and e-mail transfer tool. For the most common CMSs (WordPress, Joomla) we will also edit configuration files for you.

If the transfer fails, you will not pay anything and we will refund the entire fee for that ordered hosting (if you request a cancellation in accordance the Refund Guarantee).

Moving to WEDOS is worth it.

Get better performance, stability and quality! Ideal for WordPress, Joomla, online shops...

HPE Moonshot

The NoLimit web hosting service is operated on branded HPE Moonshot servers, which are developed by Hewlett Packart Enterprise specifically for huge cloud solutions.

One HPE Moonshot server performs the function of 45 processors with 36O 2,9-3,0 GHz CPU fibres (3,4-3,8 GHz in turbo mode), 2880 GB RAM, 45-180 TB NVMe SSD.

2,75 €/month
(3,33 €/month with VAT)
The favorite Czech web hosting service!
The Provider - WEDOS Internet, a.s., reserves the right to change the terms of the offer or to terminate it at any time. Customers will be notified about changes or terminations on this page with the relevant information highlighted.

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