Paid Transfers From Competing Providers

Clients repeatedly ask us to arrange paid transfers of their websites to our servers. We have decided to offer a paid transfer service to help our customers transfer from competitors.

Save on web hosting services. We will transfer them cheaply for a one-time payment and then you will save a considerable amount of money each year. Your presentation will work on reliable and powerful WEDOS servers. At the same time, you will pay only 2,75 € monthly without VAT, ie 3,33 € including VAT.

BONUS – up to 2 years of hosting for FREE! In order to make it easier for you to navigate the web hosting transfer from the competitor to us and not regret the unused prepaid period, we will also add free time to your web hosting period, which corresponds to twice the remaining period offered by the competitor.

The service is about moving your site from the competitor to our web hosting services. This is not about creating or programming pages.

How to Proceed

If you are interested in a paid site transfer to WEDOS servers, follow these steps:

  • Prepare all the login information from the FTP and database that you use on your existing server
  • Create a web hosting order on this link
  • After you have paid and created the web hosting service, you will receive login information via e-mail: keep this information.
  • After receiving your login information for the WEDOS web hosting service, contact us using the transfer request form.
  • The operator will then contact you to inquire about the basic and necessary information.


Conditions for moving a site from a competitor for a fee:

  1. Moving pages is not guaranteed. For example, if it is a specific content management system or own creation, we do not guarantee 100% functional transmission. In this case, no fee will be charged, ie the fee for moving pages according to the price list of extra services.
  2. Upon completion of site movement and functional testing, the customer is charged 41,70 € without VAT, ie 50,46 € including VAT.
  3. The site is moved by customer support staff only at night. The move is not made by technicians and/or programmers. There’s no time limit for the move, but we try to move your site as soon as possible.
  4. The customer support only moves the site (pages, scripts, databases) and minor modifications to the pages (configuration files) related to the move from the competitor. Any other modifications (changes in appearance, changes in texts, etc.), configuration and settings (in the future) are carried out by the customer themselves.
  5. Moving pages takes only the basic (main) web presentation and one subdomain including files and database.
  6. Moving pages does not include moving email accounts, mailbox settings, or moving email messages. Customers can ask Customer Support for paid mailbox transfer. One mailbox is charged 20,80 € without VAT, ie  25,17 € including VAT.
  7. The site is transferred  from the competitor to the web hosting service, not to the VPS or dedicated server.
  8. To move the pages, it is necessary to send complete access data (to the web administration, to FTP, to the database from the original pages and complete full access from the FTP and database on the WEDOS web hosting service) at the request of customer support. After the transfer is complete, the customer is obliged to change all access data.
  9. Moving pages does not include creation, reinstalment, set up, operation, and managing your website.
  10. A customer support employee has the right to refuse to move the site without giving a reason. The customer will be notified of the rejection by e-mail.
  11. The customer is obliged to make a backup of their data on the current (original) hosting before transferring the contact details to the WEDOS staff.
  12. The customer is obliged to change the access data to FTP and databases (or other) that they use on the current (original) and new web hosting service after the move (whether successful or unsuccessful).
  13. WEDOS Internet, a.s. as the Operator, is not responsible for any damages or loss of any data, or is not responsible for any problems (including outages) related to the transfer.


The listed prices are without VAT / with 21% VAT.

If the transfer fails, you do not pay anything and you will be refunded the full amount of your hosting fee (if you request cancellation within the Refund Guarantee).

Moving to WEDOS pays off.
Enjoy high performance, stability and quality!

HPE Moonshot

The NoLimit web hosting service runs on branded HPE Moonshot servers, which are developed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise specifically for giant cloud solutions.

In total, one HPE Moonshot provides the performance of 45 processors with 360 threads 2.9-3.0 GHz CPU (3.4-3.8 GHz in turbo mode), 2880 GB RAM, 45-180 TB NVMe SSD.
2,75 € / month
(3,33 € / month incl.VAT)
The most favorite hosting in the Czech Republic!