Unlimited Web Hosting Storage

We really do not limit the web hosting storage. It’s only for website files, but there is no size limit. You can use our whole cloud storage.

Which Files Are Allowed?

  • files, that are part of the website – files without which the website wouldn’t work
  • files for public use (maybe hidden with passwords), reachable using an HTTP/S link
  • files that have been created by the customer or that the customer has written consent to use from the author (copyright owner)
  • files that do not contradict the ‘Exclusion’ article in our terms and conditions (see below)

Which Files Are NOT Allowed?

  • backups (use the WEDOS Cloud Disk)
  • private documents, videos, archives, and other personal data
  • programs or data, that are not meant for publishing or presenting through the web hosting service
  • saving and distributing images (or other files), which are not primarily used for presenting though the web hosting service but for other webs (for ex. it serve as CDN for other webs) and the access from URL addresses (other than the one of the particular web hosting service) is restricted by the provider
  • saving and/or publishing foreign documents, videos, photographs, software, and other data, that the customer does not have written agreement to use (from the author – copyright owner)

If you are in need of space for backups or archiving, use our WEDOS Cloud Disk service.

Forbidden Activities

It is forbidden to use our servers for providing your own web hosting services, saving data, or for activities, which at least partially belong under the following categories:

  • contradicting the rule of law of the Czech Republic or international agreements
  • contradicting good manners
  • infringing copyright, patent, industry, or similar laws
  • sending unsolicited messages (spam)
  • directly or indirectly damaging the rights of third persons
  • overburdening infrastructure or technical and software means of the provider or others
  • endangering the privacy or safety of other systems or persons

Breaking the Rules

In practice, we are allowed to ask a customer to explain the origin or use of a file that we deem suspicious, or provide written agreement for its publication on the given web hosting service from its author.

If the customer (repeatedly) ignores this, or doesn’t provide the written agreement, we are authorized to erase this data from the web hosting service.

You don’t have to worry though. If all of the data, images, and videos belong to you and the publication doesn’t break any of the above rules, then you can truly upload an unlimited amount of them on your web hosting service.

Further details can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

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HPE Moonshot

The NoLimit web hosting service is operated on branded HPE Moonshot servers, which are developed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise specifically for huge cloud solutions.
45 powerful servers in one 4 and 1 / 3U box. Each server with 2 x 10 Gbps connectivity to redundant switches. Connectivity of the whole box up to 8 x 40 = 320 Gbps! A total of up to 450 servers in one rack. NVMe SSDs only.