Reliable Professional Solutions   for your business and personal data.

Your data will be safe!
from 2,10 € / month
(from 2,54 €/month. s DPH)

Back up your files securely

You’ll never lose your favourite photos, documents, emails and various other files you have on your PC or mobile phone. Add WEDOS Disk to your computer!

30 GB

2,10 €/month 2,54 €/month with VAT
  • storage size: 30 GB
  • max. file size: unlimited
  • number of files: up to 30 thousand
  • data transfer: unlimited
  • number of user accounts: 1
  • access: FTP, rsync, SMB, SVN, Git

100 GB

4,20 €/month 5,08 €/month with VAT
  • storage size: 100 GB
  • max. file size: unlimited
  • file limit: 200 000
  • traffic: unlimited
  • user accounts: 3
  • access: FTP, rsync, SMB, SVN, Git

1 TB

12,60 €/month 15,25 €/month with VAT
  • storage size: TB units*
  • max. file size: unlimited
  • number of files: up to 3 mil./TB
  • data transfer: unlimited
  • number of user accounts: 5
  • access: FTP, rsync, SMB, SVN, Git

*Maximum WEDOS Disk storage size is 3 TB. Contact us for better solution.

WEDOS Disk for companies and organizations

Back up your business data to FUJITSU professional disk arrays and you will never lose any data or files again. You can access your data anywhere, anytime via multiple protocols. You can share files with colleagues. We are preparing data encryption, file version tracking and synchronization.

A state-of-the-art online backup solution at the best conditions, suitable for businesses and organisations of all sizes.

WEDOS Disk for home

You’ll never lose your favourite photos, documents, emails and various other files you have on your PC or mobile phone. Share your photos and files with your family. Back up your files or simply enlarge your drive on your PC or mobile phone.

Do not hesitate to take advantage of one of the most advantageous services on the market. Choose the right option for your needs.

Why choose WEDOS Disk

How we differentiate ourselves from the competition

We focus on larger data volumes. Paid versions start at 30 GB and go up to multiples of TB (maybe even tens of TB) – so we want large companies to be able to back up large amounts of data to us at the lowest prices (per 1 GB).

We offer “bare” disk space – that’s more backup-oriented than sharing and syncing between multiple PCs.

We use standard file protocols (currently SMB, rsync, FTP and more to come). So you are not bound to any of our proprietary applications, you can use any program or tool that supports any of the protocols mentioned. You can easily automate your backups with a script.

from 30 GB
2,10 €
per month VAT excl.
2,54 € / month with VAT

Fujitsu Eternus DX80

We run storage hosting on this hardware.

After a few months of operation, we have to say that it is a robust, stable and fast solution that has so far met our expectations.

Every NoLimit web hosting comes with a gift

Do You Need Help?

Our customer support is made up of people who enjoy internet technology. They will provide you with information about services, possibly help with an order and with the control of the service through the customer administration. They can help you with billing matters.

Prior to contacting us, please look through our Knowledge Base, where most problems and queries are addressed.

Support is available 24/7 via chat, email or contact form. Reakční doba je u běžných technických dotazů okamžitá, v případě složitějších problémů vám do 2 hodin odpoví technik.


WEDOS Disk is a rental of disk space on our servers for the purpose of private file storage.

Most often WEDOS Disk is used for:

  • backup of personal or company data
  • server backup
  • archiving documents, videos, photos and any other files
  • sharing a common disk space with family, friends or colleagues at work

Although some of our services are priced at a fraction of the cost of similar services offered by our competitors, this is not because our services are worse, slower, more common or less reliable. The difference is in the costs, which we have managed to reduce to a minimum, but while maintaining full quality.

  • own buildings
    no expensive leases, headquarters right in the building, no leases or loans
  • low electricity consumption
    GreenIT, fibre optic backbone in the building
  • system automation
    no outsourcing, own profi HW

No, we do not measure or limit the amount of data transferred (in both directions).

Stored data is not automatically encrypted by us, but there are several ways to ensure the security (protect the content) of private data. You can encrypt your data locally and upload an encrypted copy to us, or you can connect WEDOS Disk as a virtual filesystem in an encrypted version, where all encryption happens automatically in the background on your computer (e.g. VeraCrypt product).

We do not limit the transmission speed. Connectivity is shared for all users, but you don’t have to worry about any congestion – the WEDOS Disk network is connected to the optical backbone at 100 Gbps.

We decided not to limit the maximum (or minimum) file size. It just depends on what you need. Ideally, you can upload a single large file to us (e.g. an archive with a backup of your data) or create a virtual filesystem (which you can also encrypt).

The only major limitation is the number of files you can upload to the server. This is to avoid unintentional or intentional overloading of the filesystem of our disk array. A large number of (small) files in one directory can slow down the entire disk array in a major way. This slowdown then affects all users. Ideally, you can upload a single large file to us (e.g. an archive containing a backup of your data) or create a virtual filesystem according to our instructions (this way you can encrypt your data).

The disk space has a fixed size and a fixed maximum number of files that can be placed, depending on the service option you choose. This space and number of files includes everything that the customer places in the disk space, including any additional data and files that are necessary for the operation of the service. If the total space or max. the number of files is exhausted, the customer is not allowed to upload additional files.

Back up all your data!