WMS - E-mail Storage Upgrade

The WMS has a base of 5 GB of email storage. As an optional surcharge service, the space can be increased by up to another 150 GB.

WMS has a base quota of up to 5 GB of e-mails.

If the customer needs more than 5 GB, there is an additional service – “e-mail storage upgrade (5 GB)” which can be activated multiple times (up to 150 GB), so in total, your e-mail storage can reach 155 GB.

The optional service can be activated or changed in quantity in the customer administration – the WMS detail (optional services/extensions).

Price List

  • 5 GB of additional e-mail storage 1,04 €/month / 1,26 €/month
Prices are without VAT / with 21% VAT.

HPE Moonshot

The service runs on HPE Moonshot branded servers, which are developed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise specifically for giant cloud solutions.
45 powerful servers in one 4 and 1 / 3U box. Each server with 2 x 10 Gbps connectivity to redundant switches. Connectivity of the whole box up to 8 x 40 = 320 Gbps! A total of up to 450 servers in one rack. NVMe SSDs only.