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Everyone recommends using AnyCast DNS servers, and with WEDOS Global you can even get them for free. WEDOS Global Zone is the AnyCast DNS service - always close, always fast, always secure!
Only premium features are available at an additional cost.
No need to migrate your website or domain to us.

Your domain can be available and fast everywhere

In today’s digital age, where internet speed and reliability play a key role, choosing the right DNS system is crucial. Imagine the outdated traditional DNS you’re using now as a store with a single branch in a major city. If you need to shop, you have to drive a long way and hope that they are open.

But what if it could be different? What if there was a network of stores that are open non-stop and always somewhere nearby? That’s exactly what AnyCast DNS is! With Anycast DNS, your request is automatically routed to the nearest server, which means faster responses and higher reliability.

Why would you travel further when the solution is right next door? Join the global network that never sleeps.

Anycast DNS – always close, always fast, always secure! 🌍

Key benefits of WEDOS Global AnyCast DNS

✅ Free DNS hosting

WEDOS AnyCast DNS is a service that allows users to manage records for their Internet domains without the need to purchase a web hosting package or their own server. This service is provided free of charge by WEDOS, which is ideal for those who need their own domain management at no extra cost.

Running reliable and highly available DNS servers is a key factor in ensuring that your website is always accessible and functional for your visitors around the world.

We offer you 100% availability of your DNS records for your domain with WEDOS Global AnyCast thanks to our servers located in strategic locations around the world – Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia. This way we can guarantee, that your domain will always be accessible and fast for visitors from any part of the world.

Our company, WEDOS itself, operates on WEDOS Global AnyCast DNS services, which are rated as critical governmental infrastructure.

Our WEDOS Global AnyCast DNS service is universal and compatible with all major web hosting providers and all those who use common standardized solutions. No matter where your site is located, you can use our AnyCast DNS without any complications. This means simplicity and flexibility for your online projects, at no extra cost.

When choosing a DNS hosting service, it is important to ensure that a wide range of domain extensions are supported, of which there are countless today. Our free WEDOS Global AnyCast DNS service supports all major domain extensions (TLDs). This means that whether you need a .com, .org, .net or any other country-specific or specialized domain extension, you can be sure that you will be able to add and use it in the customer administration or via the API.

As part of our free WEDOS Global AnyCast DNS for your domain, we offer full support for IDNs (Internationalized Domain Names), which are internationalized domain names.

IDNs allow the use of domain names containing non-Latin characters such as Cyrillic, Chinese or Arabic. This allows you to have a domain name in the language and font that is closest and most meaningful to you. For example, instead of the standard Latin name “mam-rad-wedos.tld”, you can use “mám-rád-wedos.tld”.

Our WEDOS Global AnyCast DNS service ensures that these domains are correctly recognized and routed to the correct servers, allowing you to seamlessly integrate IDNs into your marketing efforts.

If you are the owner of a non-Latin domain or are interested in registering one, our DNS hosting service is ready to offer you full IDN support.

When developing WEDOS Global AnyCast DNS, we emphasized simplicity and intuitiveness. That’s why we’ve prepared a “Simple Web Interface” that allows you to manage your DNS records with ease and efficiency, without the need for in-depth technical knowledge. The interface is designed to be easy to understand and accessible to all users, regardless of their technical skills.

There is also an extensive knowledge base full of detailed tutorials and video tutorials.

At WEDOS we value every customer. In order to provide you with the best possible experience, we offer 24/7 support. Whether you have a technical question, need help with setup, or encounter a problem, our team is here to provide a quick and efficient solution.

WEDOS operates two of its own private datacentres, where it is necessary to have technically trained staff on site to solve any technical problems. We also have a crisis management team on standby at all times.

To help you use WEDOS Global AnyCast DNS as efficiently as possible, we provide detailed documentation in our extensive knowledge base. This documentation contains step-by-step tutorials and video tutorials, FAQs, and best practices to help you set up and manage your DNS record.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, our knowledge base is designed to give you all the information you need to effectively use our free WEDOS Global AnyCast DNS service. If there are any problems or questions, our documentation will provide you with answers quickly and easily.

With a knowledge base, 24/7 customer support and a community forum, you can feel confident using our services because you have all the information and help you need to run your domain successfully.

The API interface, or WAPI as we call it, is a set of rules and protocols that allow various software applications and third-party scripts to communicate with our interface. This means that our users can send automated requests from their system that change the setup and operation of WEDOS Global AnyCast DNS.

Our WAPI makes it easy and fast to update, configure and manage DNS records. Thanks to the API, your developers and administrators can integrate our service directly into their applications, systems or tools and enjoy all its benefits without the need for manual intervention.

We provide WAPI to everyone for free. In addition to DNS management, you can also register and manage domains with us.

We support mass change.

We support templates. You make the record patterns and then just set up the individual domains.

We do not limit the number of requests that our DNS will respond to.


✅ Anycast DNS

Anycast DNS is a technology that redirects customer DNS queries to the nearest server in WEDOS Global’s extensive server network. This ensures a faster and more stable response to queries. When your customer enters a domain into their web browser, the query is always directed to the nearest server. This ensures your website loads faster and is more accessible to visitors from all over the world.

Other benefits:

  • Faster response – Queries are redirected to the closest server in terms of your customer’s internet connection. Often we have a direct connection to your customer’s ISP’s network, because at WEDOS Global sites we have a direct connection to the so-called Internet nodes.
  • Higher availability – If one server fails, the query is automatically redirected to the next available server.
  • Global coverage – With our network of servers around the world, your domain is always available and fast anywhere.

As part of WEDOS Global AnyCast DNS, we offer free native IPv6 support. What does that mean? Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is the latest version of the Internet Protocol, which was designed to replace the existing IPv4 version. IPv6 addresses the shortage of available addresses that has gradually arisen due to the growth of the Internet.

Native support means that our services are directly compatible with IPv6 without the need for any intermediate technologies or adaptations. Our DNS services are fully prepared for the future of the Internet and offer stable and reliable connectivity to IPv6 networks.

If you choose WEDOS Global AnyCast DNS, you’ll be compliant with the latest technology standards.

Wildcard domain names, often referred to as “star” domains, are special DNS records that allow all subdomains of a single domain name to point to the same IP address or target domain. Thus, they allow you to cover a wide range of subdomains without the need to create individual records for each of them.

Example: using the wildcard entry *.wedos.com, you can route any subdomain before wedos.com (e.g. blog.wedos.com, help.wedos.com, etc.) to the same IP address or destination.

Our free WEDOS Global AnyCast DNS service makes it easy to set up wildcard domain names for your domains, giving you flexibility and saving you time when managing subdomains.

Round Robin DNS is a load distribution technique.


✅ DDoS protection

All our DNS servers are behind DDoS protection.

For an additional layer of security, we recommend using two-factor authentication. This way, in addition to a traditional password, you need a one-time code that you receive on your mobile phone or other authentication tool to access your account. This feature greatly reduces the risk of unauthorized access to your account and tampering with DNS records.

To ensure maximum protection of your data during communication between your browser and our servers, we use SSL encryption. This means that any information you enter or retrieve through our web interface is protected from possible interception or interference by third parties.

Cache poisoning is a type of attack where an attacker inserts malicious data into the DNS server’s cache. The goal is to redirect users to a malicious website instead of a legitimate one.

As part of our WEDOS Global AnyCast DNS service for your domain, we place great emphasis on security against cache poisoning.

What are we doing to protect you?

  • Software Updates – We regularly update our DNS software to ensure that it is always compliant with the latest security standards.
  • Zone transfer restrictions – Zone transfers are only allowed between trusted servers, which greatly reduces the risk of attacks.
  • Response Validation – Our servers check all incoming responses to queries to prevent false information from being cached.
  • We invest in the latest technologies and practices to ensure that your domain is protected from various types of attacks, including cache poisoning. Your safety is our priority.

Our AnyCast DNS servers support DNSSEC.
DNSSEC increases the security of DNS traffic.

We regularly back up our servers.

Advanced tools

✅ Import via AXFR

Authoritative Zone Transfer (AXFR) is the standard method for copying an entire zone record from an authoritative DNS server. Importing via AXFR allows you to easily and efficiently copy all DNS records of your domain from another DNS server to us.

If you use WEDOS Global AnyCast DNS for your domain, this import will simplify the process of migrating your records. Just have access to the original authoritative DNS server, and we will perform the complete transfer for you without the need to manually insert individual records.

In order to use the AXFR import service, your current DNS provider must support AXFR queries and allow them to be performed for your domain.

Audit logs are an accurate summary of all changes that have been made to your DNS settings. This is basically a log of all modifications. These logs allow you to track who made what change, when, and how, allowing you to ensure the security and integrity of your DNS settings.

This service is invaluable for domain administrators who need to have control over their DNS records, as well as those who want to monitor and verify changes made by third parties.

Keep your DNS settings safe and get full visibility of any changes you make. If something stops working, you can always find out what has been changed. We maintain a history of changes throughout the life of the service.

As part of our WEDOS OnLine service (free of charge) we also offer an IP reputation check for your domain. This service allows you to see if your IP address is flagged as suspicious or associated with unwanted activity. It is essential to maintain a good IP reputation, as this can affect the delivery of your emails and the general trust in your domain on the Internet.

How does it work?
When someone conducts malicious activities on the web, such as sending spam or conducting cyber attacks, their IP address may be blacklisted. These blacklists are created by organisations and companies around the world to protect users from harmful content. If your IP address is on such a list, it may mean that your domain will be perceived as unsafe.

With our IP reputation check, you can regularly monitor the status of your IP address and ensure that your domain remains trusted and secure. If it appears on a blacklist, WEDOS OnLine will send you an alert.

You can run a free check for your domain at wedos.online.


Premium services

✅ White-label (private label service) [WEDOS Global Protection B2B]

White-label, sometimes referred to in the Czech context as “own-label service”, means providing services that appear to be your own product or service, even if they are provided by a third party.

As part of our WEDOS Global AnyCast DNS service, we offer white-label support for your domain. This means that although you use our platform to manage and host your DNS records, your clients and visitors to your website will not see any links or mentions of our company. Everything will look as if the service is your in-house solution. This allows you to provide high-quality AnyCast DNS services without having to invest in developing your own solution.

This feature is ideal for companies that want to provide AnyCast DNS services under their own brand, but do not have the resources to develop and maintain their own AnyCast DNS system.

The service under your own brand is charged depending on whether you want your own DNS names, your own IP ranges, or to run everything under your own ASN. However, DNS for the first 10,000 domains is free.

More info at: wedos.com/en/protection/complete-pricelist-b2b/

We offer detailed DNS server traffic statistics.

Create and export detailed reports on DNS activity.

Individual SLA conditions can be agreed.