Global server infrastructure

An extremely powerful decentralized network of interconnected servers which enables easy distribution, balancing and filtering of enormous amounts of traffic.

Hluboká nad Vltavou, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

Frankfurt, Germany

Amsterdam, Netherlands

London, England

Paris, France

Lisbon, Portugal

Barcelona, Spain

Athens, Greece

Stockholm, Sweden

Zurich, Switzerland

Helsinki, Finland

Warsaw, Poland

Vienna, Austria

Munich, Germany

San Francisco, USA

Dallas, USA

Atlanta, USA

Miami, USA

Chicago, USA

New York, USA

Washington DC, USA

Seattle, USA

Mexico City, Mexico

Fortaleza, Brazil

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Santiago de Chile, Chile

Mombasa, Kenya

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Mumbai, India

Singapore, Malaysia

Hong Kong, China

Seoul, South Korea

Tokyo, Japan

Sydney, Australia

Lagos, Nigeria

Johannesburg, South Africa

Muscat, Oman

Istanbul, Turkey

Sofia, Bulgaria

Bogota, Colombia

Toronto, Canada

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How does WEDOS Global work?

  • Big Data analytics of the traffic of all our customers (over 600,000 active services)
  • Nonstop attack detection and high availability (we protect all clients within a couple of seconds)
  • BGP AnyCast (distribution and dispersion of traffic to multiple locations, filtering of attacks always at the point of their origin)
  • Machine learning and self-learning algorithms (development and updates of protection against the new types of attacks)
  • Web CDN Cache (cache servers store data from the database and create static footprints of webpages for fast content loading)
  • Servers in certified data centers (Equinix, Digital Realty, and others) and the use of major connectivity providers (Cogent, Arelion, and others)
  • Made in the EU (in accordance with European legislation) and without subsidies
  • 25 years of experience (millions of attacks every day)

The benefits of our worldwide WEDOS Global network for your web

From comprehensive DDoS protection through the detection of vulnerabilities and malicious attacks in WordPress, to speeding up e-shop loading. And that is far from all.
The perfect decision for WordPress

WEDOS Global Protection offers the ideal solution for your WordPress website. It provides DDoS protection at L3, L4 and L7 layers, and also functions as a WAF against dangerous attacks aimed at obtaining and manipulating sensitive data. In addition, content caching tuned directly for the WordPress CMS system will significantly speed up the loading of your website.

Thanks to BGP AnyCast and reverse proxy technology, WEDOS Global Protection is able to dilute traffic between several points of presence (PoPs) and immediately block suspicious requests from different IP addresses. Your website will remain available for your customers and clients, without annoying slowdowns and downtimes.

WEDOS Global Protection service will significantly speed up the loading speed of your web content in any location around the world thanks to our web CDN and advanced caching. By caching data from the database and connecting the user to the nearest server, we can significantly reduce the response time of the website in all geographical locations.

WEDOS OnLine serves as an uptime tool that monitors your website, e-mails and servers. With it you don’t have to worry about a possible outage. In case of unavailability, we will notify you immediately through up to 8 different contact methods.

With a significant reduction in the number of requests to the target server (thanks to the efficient distribution of traffic and IP address blocking), it is possible to minimize costs on hardware resources offered by your hosting provider. WEDOS Global Protection filters out more than half of dangerous traffic and saves up to 90% of server computing power.

WEDOS AnyCast DNS is a service that ensures the availability and speed of your domain around the world. With AnyCast DNS technology, the request is automatically routed to the nearest server, resulting in faster response time and higher reliability.

Complete list of locations

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Europe 64

Europe 64

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South America 11

Africa 5

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