About Us

The WEDOS corporation was established in 2010 and became the largest web hosting service provider in the Czech Republic within 31 months.

We have two of our own datacenters with our own servers and technology. In addition, the servers in the second DC2 datacenter are cooled by an oil bath. We have already purchased land for the third datacenter and are dealing with the necessary permits. As soon as the opportunity arises, we will start building. We are not scared to invest into technology, innovation and research, so that we can provide services to as wide a customer base as possible. Due to this, we are also able to maintain very pleasant prices of our hosting services and to respond to current market demands.

WEDOS DC 1 "Bunkr"​

Our first datacenter, where WEDOS Internet, a.s. was established in 2010. The original building used to server as a civil defense bunker, which was built in a strategic location. The datacenter was modernised between the years 2018 and 2020. We invested 20 million CZK into this. We acquired a new substation, two generators, strengthened freecooling, refrigeration, the entire electrical network and created two independent and completely separate branches of connectivity and electricity.

The datacenter is connected to the internet using three independant routes from two different providers (3x100 Gbps). A minimum of 2x10 Gbps is connected to each rack. HPE Moonshot server cabinets are connected to 4x 20 Gbps.

At least two employees are always present in the building. Key employees live directly in Hluboka nad Vltavou, or a 5 minute drive away. We have our own two electricians with datacenter building and maintenance experience.

WEDOS DC 2 "Podskalí"

We started to build our second datacenter in 2014 as a completely unique project where servers are cooled using oil baths and water cooling. This is the first datacenter to implement this technology for up to 10 thousand physical servers. These produce so much heat that we are able to heat the nearby city swimming pool during the winter.

Construction was completed in 2020. Operations commenced in 2022.

In 2017, we applied for the most prestigious TIER IV Operational Sustainability certification for the datacenter. This is sometimes referred to as the golden TIER and only a few datacenters in the world have it. The entire datacenter (including infrastructure) is thus built with regard to TIER IV. The requirements are demanding, in some cases even extreme. For example, there will be 5 engine generators designed for continuous operation, and all infrastructure will be separated by barriers certified to burn through at least 90 minutes.

WEDOS DC 3 "Kravín"

We will eventually run out of space in our first data center "Bunkr". The second data center "Podskalí" is intended exclusively for servers cooled by oil, which is not suitable for disk storage.

Due to this, we have purchased land for our third datacenter. We will create grounds housing 2 large two-storey datacenters, two administrative buildings and a warehouse. We are currently working on obtaining the necessary permits. At the same time, we are digging our own optical routes. DC3 will also have connectivity from 2 different providers and all other common technical solutions for modern datacenters.

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WEDOS (WE DO Security)

The company was established in 2010. The whole process of constructing the datacenter and the launching of the services took on the form of a ‘reality show’. Those interested could watch as the spaces were prepared, cooling systems were built, or the servers themselves were being placed.

Right from the beginning, we take care in the selection of hardware (eco-friendly servers with Intel XEON processors). All installations are made in such a way that the lowest possible electricity consumption is achieved. Our entire system is built on a so-called green field and we tried to fully automate it.