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A Professional Email Solution

Make your business stand out with an email address at your own domain. Quick and easy one-click migration of all your emails to WEDOS.
1,46 €/month
1,76 € / month with VAT
No need to migrate your website or domain to us.

Secure and reliable hosting for your emails

With mailhosting, you can easily set up an email box on your own domain and you don’t have to transfer your website or domain to us. Just set up DNS servers or records.

Email hosting with an intelligent spam filter!

Are you looking for an email hosting that will reliably protect your inbox from spam or phishing, while providing enough space for your emails? Our mailhosting offers intelligent spam filtering using machine learning, advanced virus protection and the ability to increase your email space by up to 155 GB!

With us, you only pay for the space you actually use. Save money.
1,46 €/month
without VAT
1,76 € / month with VAT

Features and benefits of our email services

Without web/domain migration

No need to migrate your website or domain to us. Just set up WEDOS DNS servers/MX records and all emails will be handled by our mail server.

Automatic migration

Quickly and easily migrate your emails to us using an automatic migration script where you just enter your IMAP server, mailbox, and password.

Strengthening the brand and trust

Emails on your own domain contribute to building your brand and online identity. This also increases the credibility of the business in the eyes of the customer.

Unlimited number of inboxes

As with web hosting, the number of email inboxes is completely unlimited. This gives you more flexibility, improves productivity, and improves security.

Intelligent spam filter

Intelligent spam filtering with machine learning (AI) protects your inbox from spam and potential attacks or scams.

WEDOS Global Infrastructure

The email hosting service runs on WEDOS Global infrastructure, enabling decentralized worldwide coverage, high availability, and non-stop attack detection.

Increasable storage space

We offer 5 GB of space for emails in the base with the option to easily increase up to 160 GB if needed. (We are preparing up to 1TB)

Advanced antivirus protection

Antivirus protection protects your mail from malicious emails by continuously analyzing incoming and outgoing messages and detecting phishing or malware.

Availability guarantee

We guarantee 99.9 % availability. In case of problems, our customer support is ready. 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year.

Setting up an e-mail box on your own domain

1. Select the domain for which you want to set up email on your own domain. If you do not have your domain yet, do not hesitate to order it from us .

2. Select how many GB of space you want to have available for your emails.

3. Leave the automatic setting of DNS records on WEDOS servers checked.

4. Within one hour after successful completion of the order and successful receipt of payment, the mailhosting will be put into operation.

Transfer an existing e-mail box to WEDOS

Ensure a smooth and secure transition of emails between providers without the worry of undelivered messages or lost emails during migration.

Our simple process involves copying email boxes and redirecting the domain by changing DNS servers or DNS records. Enjoy the benefits of our mail hosting with minimal intrusion into your business.

Convert your emails to us in a few clicks. No site and domain migration. Just set up DNS servers or DNS records.

They Trust Us

Always the lowest prices on the market! Full automation, maximum speed and reliability.
We currently manage and protect 411519 domains and operate 153732 web hosts. Treat yourself to high performance, stability, and quality!

Do You Need Help?

Our customer support is made up of people who enjoy internet technology. They will provide you with information about services, possibly help with an order, and control of the service through customer administration. They can help you with billing matters.

Before contacting us, please review our knowledge base, where most questions and issues are addressed.

Support is available 24/7 via chat, email or contact form. The reaction to common technical questions is immediate, in the case of more complex problems, a technician will answer within 2 hours.


An email box on your own domain normally contains the company name after the email address – e.g. On the other hand, regular personal email usually has the name of the service where the user’s email account is hosted after the alias – e .g.

The main benefits of email on your own domain are building your company’s brand and online identity, strengthening your credibility, and increasing the chances of making contact with customers. Very important factors for any successful company.

If you only want to use email services, then email hosting is ideal for you. There is no need to migrate your website or domain to WEDOS. All you will need is to set up our DNS servers or MX records. For these cases, we have prepared an automatic script for email migration that will
to help you easily convert your emails to WEDOS.

However, if you also want to run your website with us, a more suitable option for you is web hosting. It automatically includes mailhosting with an unlimited number of email boxes.

If you want to migrate your website and domain to us, you can also use our automatic migration script to do so. Below you will find a detailed step-by-step description of how to transfer web hosting from another provider to us. No outages and problems.

Web hosting – transferring a website from another provider “

Mailhosting has set the basic quota for emails to 5 GB.

If the customer needs more space than 5 GB, there is an additional service “5 GB email space increase” that can be ordered multiple times up to a maximum of 160 GB. However, we are currently preparing the possibility of a further increase, up to 1 TB. Then, depending on individual needs, we will be able to allow even further increases.

The additional service can be activated or resized in the customer administration in the mailhosting details.

You can find more information and instructions on how to increase the space in our knowledge base.

Yes, we have prepared an automatic migration script for these cases, thanks to which you can convert your emails to WEDOS in a few clicks. Simply fill in the IMAP server, e-mail box and password and set up DNS servers or DNS records. After that, our mail servers will start serving the emails immediately.

How to migrate emails to WEDOS “

No, you don’t. We have a web-based email client Roundcube for managing your email inbox and accessing it from a web browser. You can find it at, where you can log in with the email account created in the mailhosting details.

However, our email servers support IMAP, POP3 and SMTP protocols in their basic settings, so there is no problem with configuring well-known third-party mail clients such as Apple Mail, Thunderbird or Outlook.


Support your online identity with an email on your own domain!

Professional email address on your own domain with unlimited mailboxes and aliases and up to 160 GB of space for emails!
No need to migrate your website or domain to us.